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Learn to use the Three Diamonds to elevate your vibration. In Japanese tradition, they are our 3 energy centres. Earthly, Heavenly & Heart. Ki is the Japanese word for Life Energy, similar to Prana or Chi.

The root of our being is our Earthly energy centre or Hara, which is a combination of root & sacral chakra, which lies 3 finger widths below the navel.
This energy center grounds, nurtures and balances us.
Hara is the center of a person, not only physically, but also energetically. Some believe it to be the spiritual center of the body. When you strengthen your hara, you’re shifting your whole being towards wholeness, vitality, and balance.
For our Earth Ki blend we have selected 4 special pure essential oils which bring a unique Earth energy. Cypress & Bitter orange, wildcrafted in the mountains of Cyprus, pure Omani Frankincense and calming Vetiver. Each brings it's on special qualities for grounding, aligning and nuturing. 
These very special blends are hand crafted in our Reiki space during a blessing ceremony. Each bottle is individually blessed, resonated to 432Hz and contains a red jasper crystal which has been charged with reiki energy. 
You can empower your capacity for conscious creation by doing self hara massage for a few minutes each day. When your hara is more clear and balanced, your whole life becomes more clear and balanced.  At the basic physical level, doing hara massage has many positive effects in the body including better circulation, digestion, absorption, and oxygenation. Blood quality improves and the flow of Conception Vessel, the meridian that energises our ability to materialise our thoughts and dreams, is increased. The physical and energetic benefits are amazing. 
To use, we recommend finding a quite space, preferably after a bath or shower and centre yourself by calmly being aware of the rhythm of your breath.  Place 4 or 5 drops in the palm of your hand right hand and massage in an anti clockwise direction into your Hara or root/sacral chakra 3 fingertips below the navel.

If you would like to learn how to do a beautiful Japanese Hara massage on yourself using Earth Ki by Cyprus Serenity, please click here for a link to our website.

Earth Ki

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