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Boswellia sacra from Oman is considered the purest frankincense in the world and is harvested in the Qara Mountains (the Howjar region), where the best climatic conditions are found due to the different altitudes, different rainfall zones and sunshine. The greenish Royal Al Hojari takes the highest quality level. This variety is rare, as it accounts for only 3% to 5% of the total harvest. Omani frankincense has a high content of boswellic acids and is therefore beneficial to health and is sometimes called medicinal grade. The scent of the Green Hojari  is of eucalyptus and mint and very fresh. Hojari Green frankincense has a stronger effect on the mental and spiritual level,  It has an amazing effect on body, opening up the mind and soul during meditation and is perfect for making Frankincense water or smoking for meditation. 
Weight 30g/50g



Boswellia Sacra. Royal Green Hojari Omani Frankincense

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Boswellia Sacra Grade #1 'Royal Green Hojari' resin from Oman. 

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