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Earth Ki Hara Self Massage

Earth Ki Self Massage

Exploring the Hara

Various cultures around the world have long recognised the significance of the body's energy centers. Most people know them as Chakras, but as a Reiki practitioner working from the Japanese perspective, I work with a system known as the Three Diamonds; Earth Ki, Heavenly Ki and Heart Ki, which align with the root/sacral chakra, the third eye/crown and the heart/compassion.

Ki is a Japanese word for life energy and equates to prana or chi.

Earth Ki, is deeply ingrained in Japanese philosophy and healing practices, and is located in the Hara.

The Hara, situated 3 finger widths below the navel and at the core of the body's center of gravity, is a vital concept in traditional Japanese medicine, martial arts, and spiritual practices such as the Japanese tea ceremony. It is believed to be the energetic epicenter where one's life force, or ki, is concentrated and stored, like our internal battery.

Self Massaging of the Hara brings a self awareness that can lead to enhanced well-being, increased vitality, and a deeper connection to one's inner self.

The Essence of the Hara

In Japanese culture, the Hara is often described as the “Center of being” or "second brain" because the abdomen has a large number of neurotransmitters. The Central Nervous System is in permanent interaction with the gastrointestinal system.This means that intestinal disorders can produce an effect on the Brain, our health, our thoughts and our emotions. But the Hara goes beyond a mere physical location, it encompasses the spiritual, emotional and energetic aspects of an individual.

. To a Reiki practitioner, the Hara is a gateway to unlocking and channeling the vital energy that can bring about healing and balance and enhancing the overall flow of life force energy. The Hara serves as a focal point for balancing the flow of energy throughout the body. By addressing blockages or imbalances in the Hara, I can facilitate the smooth circulation of ki promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in my clients..

By aligning the Hara, individuals can experience not only physical strength and coordination but also a profound sense of inner harmony and focus. I love to give this simple self massage ritual to my clients to practice and rebalance at home, and would like to share with you.

Balancing The Flow of Energy

Imagine the Hara as a river of energy, with its currents influencing the entire energy system. When this river flows freely, it irrigates every aspect of our being, fostering health and vitality. However, disruptions in this flow can lead to stagnation or depletion of energy, resulting in a range of physical and emotional ailments.

We all have the ability to self heal, and taking some quiet time to give yourself a gentle Hara massage is a perfect way to restore balance and connect to the core. Hara massage not only works on a physical level by helping disperse abdominal issues such as cysts, fibroids and food accumulation, it also works on an emotional level by helping to release trauma, grief, negative energy and anger which has been stored within. Hara massage is a powerful tool for enhancing the flow of energy, strengthening digestion and enhancing lymph and blood circulation while reducing stress and balancing emotions.

The simple and gentle self massage ritual is below, but if you would like to book a professional Hara massage, which is called Ampuku in Japanese, please see details here.

The Ritual of a Hara Circling Self-Massage


My favourite ritual uses a massage from the art of Tenchi Seiki te-Ate.

This massage technique is taken from Tenchi Seiki te-Ate website. I have only used the first part and slightly adapted the technique to make a simple massage routine. Please visit their website for the full routine.

This self- massage ritual is gentle and a great practice in the development, strengthening, and stimulation of your internal energy.

It can be practiced either standing, or seated, or in a crosslegged posture, or laying down. My favourite places to perform this self massage is barefoot in the grass on a warm day or relaxing after a bath or shower with healing Shamanic drum music using Earth Ki grounding essence oil.. Earth Ki is a spiritual blend of hand foraged ‘Earth & Grounding’ essential oils with red Jasper, hand blended by Cyprus Serenity. If you would like to use an oil you can use your favourite massage oil, simply place 4-6 drops in your right palm before beginning and set your intent that the oil with help you ground and nurture.

The Earth Ki oil has already been blessed during a Reiki & water healing ceremony.

Choose a time and place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Ideally this exercise should be carried out wearing loose clothing. Remove your shoes and make sure you are comfortable and warm. If you are doing this standing up, stand with your feet about shoulder-with apart.If seated, sit with a straight spine. Put on some gentle meditation music or enjoy a quiet space.

  1. Visualise the Hara - this involves envisioning a point in the lower abdomen, just below the navel, where the body's energy converges. This area is not just a physical space but is regarded as the reservoir of one's authentic self and the source of personal power. When doing this massage visualise a red flame spiralling within and increasing in power.

  2. Begin by 'hara-centering', and 'watching the breath': loosely focussing on the natural rhythms of your breathing, not seeking to consciously breathe - merely to be aware that you are breathing effortlessly.

  3. Start with left hand on top of right hand. Begin at base of your sternum/breastbone. With a firm but comfortable pressure, move in an anti-clockwise circle, following the line of the ribs then down the right side to the pelvic/hip bone, follow the line of the bone down to the top of the pubic bone, then on up along the left side of the pelvis, up to and along the base of the ribs to the starting point

  4. .Swap over the hands. With right hand on top, mirror what you have just done - making a clockwise circle around the edge of the hara. Repeat these alternate anti-clockwise and clockwise circles a further eight times each.

  5. Now place both hands on the lower abdomen - fingers touching at the top of the pubic bone, thumbs touching, so as to form an inverted triangle between the hands.

  6. Now move your hands up and out to the sides, fingers pointing down, touching your hip bones, heels of the hands touching your ribs. Again, rest here for a few moments being aware of the warmth/pulse.

  7. Lastly, bring your hands up to rest along the line of the ribs, fingertips touching at the sternum. Rest here for a few moments being aware of the warmth/pulse.

Have you treated yourself to a self healing Hara massage or tried our Earth Ki essence oil yet? Let us know in the comments how it increased awareness of your Hara during the massage.

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